All the Information You Need About Becoming a Shipping Clerk

Shipping clerks play critical roles in warehouses and various companies. Through this entry-level role, you could begin and advance your career within the supply chain management industry.

In this article, we provide all the relevant information about becoming a shipping clerk and starting a career in the supply chain industry.

The Daily Activities of a Shipping Clerk

There are certain regular activities done on a daily basis that make up the job description. Here are some of the routine activities you would be required to carry out as a shipping clerk.

Merchandise Handling

As a shipping clerk, you will be required to handle merchandise. This activity involves confirming that merchandise is successfully sent and received. As such, it requires both working with parcels as well as shipping documents, such as inventory lists and invoices for stock recording.

Inventory Records Management and Tracking

The process of tracking and managing inventory files includes creating accurate records of orders that are received and sent out. The shipping clerk has to confirm the details of all the parcels that are received and sent.

Shipment Monitoring

After orders are filled, the shipping clerk has to confirm that they are processed and packed according to the proper details.

The aspect of the job involves the scheduling of pickups and drop-offs and printing the labels. As the shipping clerk, you would also have to confirm the information and postage on the parcel for accuracy before it is sent out.

Requirements and Qualifications for Shipping Clerks

As highlighted above, a shipping clerk position is entry-level, with potential for learning, and significant career advancement. As such, on-the-job training is routinely provided.

An average of 6 to 12 months of experience is required for many shipping clerk openings.

The skills you would need to apply on the job regularly include basic math skills, communication skills, and basic computer skills. Knowledge of invoicing is another important skill you would need.

You need excellent customer service and attention to detail skills in order to excel as a shipping clerk since your duties directly impact customer service.

Working Conditions of Shipping Clerks

Shipping clerks are typically required to stand for long periods. Apart from that, the other details of the job are heavily dependent on the organization you choose to work for.

We should mention that the working environment of shipping clerks can get very noisy and be full of distractions. You would also have to work in proximity with heavy machineries, such as forklifts.

In conclusion, an ideal entry-level shipping clerk position is for someone who is great at handling multiple tasks concurrently and is looking to work in a fast-paced environment and start a supply chain management career.


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