What people are saying about Protech Staffing.

What Is It Like To Work With Protech Staffing?


One of the best employment agencies in Riverside. Great staff and professional service. Never disappointed in their work effort. They work with your schedule.

Poet V.

Was a super easy and fast process. It was stress-free and the employees were very kind and helpful. They stayed on top of our needs.

Heather R.

Protech Staffing has given me a chance at a job. They are dedicated to helping people who want to better themselves. I am very grateful for their time, interest and effort to help me get a job.

Michael S.

Great environment and office, very sanitary and clean, very professional. I will recommend them to a friend or family members!!! Great work!!!!

Manuel M.

The staff is courteous and very patient and help you get what you came for.

Breezy O.

The Protech staff was very helpful, friendly and very clean especially during a time like this. I definitely recommend Protech staffing services!!!!

Stephanie R.

Superior service and overall great experience. If you are seeking temporary or direct hire recruiting services for your clerical orders, call Protech!

Clerical Client

Whether it’s a receptionist, administrative assistant or a payroll position that needs to be filled, Protech Staffing has always given us the results that we need. They truly care about their clients & employees. 

Clerical Client

We’ve been using Protech Staffing for 7 years and when it comes to filling orders and taking care of issues, they have surpassed by other staffing agencies – highly recommend them.

Manufacturing Client

I am really impressed by the level of service and expertise that Protech is able to provide to us. Anything regarding laws & guidelines and they are on top of it!

Warehousing Client

Turnaround time and response time with Protech Staffing is immediate! Not to mention, they are professional and really care about providing us with the right people. We value them greatly.

Warehousing Client

When I need temporary employees, Protech Staffing is my primary choice! 

Warehousing Client

Great customer support. I didn’t feel like I was just another client.

Manufacturing Client