We’ll provide the training and resources you need.

Your Safety Is Our Priority

At Protech Staffing, we are firm believers that safety programs are advantageous for both workers and employers. They keep employees healthy and earning, and businesses productive and profitable.

Workplace Injuries Are Bad For Everyone

Our Safety-First Program was created to identify risks and develop a safety culture for our employer partners. We help businesses keep employees safe by focusing on compliance, improving the current safety program, and tracking issues that can lead to unsafe behavior.

We believe that businesses can operate without significant incidents. We work with employers to provide innovative solutions that strengthen safety culture, simplify safety policies, improve safety leadership skills, and reward performance.

For businesses with a current safety program, Protech Staffing will help to enhance it. If not, we will work together to create one. Statistics show businesses that establish and enforce a robust safety program benefit from a decrease in workplace injuries and an increase in employee production and morale, reducing risk and costs.

At Protech Staffing, we believe that every employer and employee deserve a safe workplace. We can provide the tools and resources to make it happen.

Your Safety Comes First At Protech!