Protech focuses on the search, so you can focus on business.

What Do You Need to Succeed?

Temporary employees to fill staffing gaps? A game-changing candidate to fill a critical role? The opportunity to try an employee out on the job – maybe for a position that has experienced a lot of turnover?

Protech Is A Partner You Can Trust!

Our process from onboarding new clients and the hand-off for the account executive to manage is very smooth. Clients see the difference immediately in both results and service compared to typical light industrial and warehouse staffing agencies and administrative / clerical staffing agencies.

Our Retention Rate Is Amongst The Highest In The Industry

Our attrition rate is among the lowest. Turn-over is very costly and creates operational issues, negatively impacting your bottom-line. Finding and retaining talent is important for the success and growth of your business. Keeping employees engaged saves you time, money and frustration in the long run.

Focus on what matters most, the growth and success of your business

Our Services


Meet tight production deadlines, keep up with variable demand, fill in for vacations and absences. From light industrial staffing to warehouse or clerical needs, we can quickly provide the qualified people you need.


Reduce the risk of hiring by trying out a Protech Staffing employee on the job before adding them to your full-time team. Assess their skills, fit and work ethic before committing to a hire.

Direct Hire

When you have a critical vacancy, Protech can speed and streamline your search. We handle sourcing, screening and vetting – you choose from only the best.


Reduce the risk and cost of staffing. Place the temporary employees of your choice on our payroll. As employer of record, we handle payroll, direct deposit, payroll taxes, unemployment and workers’ compensation insurance.

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