Essential Skills for Maintenance and Janitorial Jobs

As much as it is true for maintenance and janitorial jobs, these words of wisdom apply to all careers in any other sector and industry: When you possess the required skills, knowledge, and experience, your chances of being hired on can and will significantly improve over others.

Maintenance and janitorial jobs do not usually require formal education. For Building Maintenance jobs, a high school diploma is the general education requirement.

Janitorial and maintenance staff usually learn on the job, however, employers still look out for essential skills and experience. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that there are bound to be more openings for janitorial and maintenance jobs, especially in the healthcare sector.

Anyone looking to get these jobs should possess the essential skills, as highlighted in this article.

What are Maintenance and Janitorial Skills?

These are the core skills needed for ensuring the efficient repair and maintenance of equipment, machinery, and buildings. Those same skills are essential and in high demand and are also applied by carpenters, custodians, and plumbers.

Types of Maintenance and Janitorial Skills

The essential maintenance and janitorial type of skills that employers seek can be broadly divided into categories that are made up of specific skill sets. Here are the basic types of maintenance, janitorial, and specific skills in these different categories.

Administrative Skills

Administrative skills are important for proper record keeping as well as the tracking of supplies and the creation of schedules.

Admin skills needed for maintenance and janitorial jobs include: prioritizing, inventory, permits, scheduling, ordering supplies, and monetary exchange.

Basic Cleaning Skills

Every resume for maintenance and janitorial positions should highlight the basic cleaning skills one has. When applying for these jobs, you should also highlight any advanced cleaning skills you have knowledge about or already know how to do.

Some of the cleaning skills to include in your resume are: cleaning, sweeping, dusting, chemical use, sanitation, washing windows, and mopping.

Interpersonal Skills

Maintenance and janitorial jobs are usually done as being a part of a team. In these positions, interactions with other members of the team and customers, if working during business hours, could be necessary. This is why employers look out for interpersonal skills when hiring.

Important interpersonal skills include teamwork, customer service, supervising, and following instructions.

Maintenance and Repair

Employers want maintenance and janitorial staff that can carry out basic and extensive repairs on equipment and buildings. This is why it is very important that you list all of your general and specific maintenance and repair skills. This way, you’re able to inform your prospective employer that you will be their go-to person when they need things fixed.

The more important maintenance and repair skills include mechanical aptitude, building repair, refurbishing, equipment maintenance, and grounds maintenance.

We have highlighted the top skills employers are looking for. Highlight these skills and related experience in your resume, as well as your cover letter. Also, remember to mention the skill words, related keywords, and experience during your interview. Protech Staffing would be happy to review your resume as we help you look for the perfect position for you!

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