Helpers (Maintenance, Repair, and Installation Workers) Job Description

The job description of this position includes helping out in various areas such as parts replacement, maintenance, repairs of industrial machinery, and electronic and electric equipment. Helpers also clean work areas, furnish workers with supplies, materials, and tools while simultaneously holding materials for the main workers when needed.

Employment Prospects

Roughly 3,000 job positions for Helpers have been projected to open in the US on an annual basis. That’s a 4% change in the employment rates that have also been projected to occur in 10 years, from 101,100 in 2019 to 105,500 in 2029.

Wage Information

In Arizona, the median yearly wage for a helper position is $34,610, with the wages ranging from $25,730 to $49,190.

Job Description

The daily activities of someone in this position includes assembling structural components, installing equipment or machine replacement parts, observing and inspecting mechanical equipment, as well as connecting hoses and electrical pieces to the corresponding equipment.

Knowledge and Abilities

The skills needed for this job include mechanical knowledge, building and construction knowledge, public safety and security, and a good sense of the English language for customer and personal services.

Helpers are expected to know about designs, repairs, uses, and maintenance of tools and machines.

People on this job should know about important policies, strategies, and procedures needed for local, state, and national security. They’ll also need to have knowledge of building and construction materials that are applied on the job.

Helpers should also have knowledge about the processes and procedures for offering the best quality of personal and customer service.

The core abilities applied in this position include arm-hand steadiness for the movement and holding of items, near vision for observing objects up close, multi-limb control for applying the hands and legs together, and precision control for the quick changes of various types of machines and vehicles.

Required Education and Experience

The average educational requirement for a Helper position is a high school diploma or its equivalent. No work experience is typically needed for this type of position due to less than one month of on-the-job training being provided.

Available data indicates that 24% of Helpers either have not finished high school, have a high school diploma or a similar qualification, while 31%, 20%, 17%, and 4% have some college exposure with either no degree, an Associate’s degree, or a Bachelor’s degree.


It’s very crucial to highlight the important skills related to the job position within your application or resume. Having a certification will definitely help you with landing the position as well as obtaining a promotion.

Licenses for helpers

In certain states, Helpers are required to obtain a license for particular job titles. It would be best to find out whether a license is required in the state where you are applying for the job.

Apprenticeship opportunities are also available and usually combine classroom lessons with on-the-job training.

When applying for an open position, understand the requirements and don’t forget to highlight your skills, abilities, and experiences pertaining to this job position.


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