Five Tips for Improving Picking and Packing Accuracy

High accuracy in picking and packing is non-negotiable. The consequences of picking and packing mistakes include customer dissatisfaction and reduced ROIs. The reduced ROIs will come from the extra costs associated with reverse logistics.

Even with the need for high accuracy in picking and packing, mistakes are bound to happen. Picking and packing are manual high-pressure processes that require a lot of repetitive actions, making them particularly mistake-prone. Measures for achieving high-accuracy picking and packing should thus be deliberately applied.

Here are a few tips for improving picking and packing accuracy.

Personalize Operations

This tip helps to improve the efficiency of picking and packing because of the associated enhanced productivity. The person responsible for a package or group of packages is indicated in this packing slip. With the packer’s name indicated in the slip, they will feel a high sense of responsibility and become increasingly committed to not making mistakes.

Apply Image Instructions

Applying images instead of text for instructions or directions is an efficient tip for increasing the accuracy of picking and packing. This is because the brain processes images faster than text. Instead of subjecting packers to mental fatigue with text instructions, swap text instructions with image instructions in as many ways as possible.

This will mean labeling shelves with images and putting up pictures of the items to be packed. The location of the items to be packed can also be highlighted with images.

Keep Packing Stations Efficient

Packing stations should be built to drive maximum accuracy. Packing and picking stations can be designed to encourage maximum accuracy by equipping stations with all necessary materials.

It is also important that feedback on the design of the project is gotten regularly from the packers to optimize the design. One important area of focus when designing packing stations is limiting the movement needed to reach the required materials.

Compartmentalize Packing and Picking

This particularly applies to picking and can be applied to significantly improve efficiency. Compartmentalize picking by dividing the entire process into smaller bits. Instead of just presenting the pickers with an extensive list, compartmentalize the process to allow picking one item at a time. Compartmentalization also includes minimizing the walking distance.

Group Similar Orders

Grouping similar orders enhances efficiency because it enables the packers to establish and optimize a routine. Grouping similar orders to improve accuracy means assigning orders with a similar packing process to a packer. The grouping can be modified according to the feedback from the packers too.

Optimizing the accuracy of packing and picking processes guarantees the enhanced accuracy of operations in the applicable industries and sectors, especially warehousing.

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