Job Requirements and Description of your Receiving and Shipping Clerks

receiving and shipping clerks

Shipping and receiving clerks are an essential part of warehousing operations. Their duties include- creating and maintaining accurate records, monitoring inventory levels, and many other aspects of shipping.

Shipping Clerk Responsibilities

Specifically, the clerks are involved in the packaging of items, weighing of the items, printing labels, and determining suitable postage. The responsibilities of clerks include authenticating bills of lading, inspecting returned items, and distributing merchandise.

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor of Statistics (BLS), a high school diploma or its equivalent is required for receiving and shipping clerk positions. The median salary of these positions, as determined in 2019, is $34,190. The required job skills are math skills, computer skills, organizational skills, and physical ability. Shipping and receiving clerks are also expected to be able to follow strict instructions. More details about this position are highlighted below.

Clerk Job Requirements

Educational Requirements

The GED requirement is because shipping and receiving clerks’ positions are usually entry-level. Most organizations provide in-house training that is provided by senior shipping and receiving clerks. For career progression into managerial positions, clerks could take warehousing courses offered by the different professional organizations.

Skills Required

Physical strength is a notable skill requirement for receiving and shipping clerks’ positions because of the tendency to lift heavy packages. Receiving and shipping clerks are also expected to be able to follow written and oral instructions closely and work under pressure. The other general skills needed for this position are as already mentioned above.

Career and Economic Projections

Data from 2019 collected by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated the median hourly pay for traffic, shipping, and receiving clerks is$16.44, with a median yearly pay of $34,190.

Clerk Job Data Insights

The data also showed that the most clerks were employed in the storage and warehousing industry. The US storage and warehousing industry employed about 648,800 shipping and receiving clerks. The US BLS also projected a 1% decline in general recording clerk positions by 2029.

Jobs with similar requirements and descriptions to receiving and shipping clerks include general office clerks and material movers and hand laborers. The skills required for both positions can be acquired on the job. Hand laborers do not exactly need a GED and the US BLS has predicted a 3% increase in positions by 2029. For general job clerks, a 5% decline in positions has been predicted.

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