Top Interview Questions for Janitors

Janitors are responsible for the cleaning and maintaining of indoor and outdoor environments of companies and organizations. They may be assigned an area to clean as individuals or part of a group. Janitor interviews usually focus on aspects such as the ability to handle the necessary equipment, problem-solving skills, and previous experience.

Here are the top interview questions for janitors. We will be highlighting the questions and how best to answer them.

What do janitors do?

This question assesses the applicant’s knowledge of the job description. Mention that general duties such as cleaning, mopping, sweeping, and maintenance. You could also mention specific roles that apply to the industry or company you’re applying to.

Do you possess professional janitorial or similar experience?

If you’ve worked as a janitor or in a similar role, mention it. Give specifics about your experience. You can explain the scope of the area you worked on and whether you lead a team.

How will you handle interacting with people as you clean?

You should explain the kind of language you will apply in interacting with people. You should also share your general disposition and experience acquired in customer-facing roles. For example, you can specifically share how you started your career in customer service or some other details.

Highlight skills that you have adapted for maintaining concentration while working with people around.

Why are you the best fit for this position?

To show the recruiter that you are the best fit for the position, highlight your skills, experience, and goals. You should tell and show the recruiter that you are a great team player. You should also share details about your ability to work under pressure. Ensure that you show the recruiter your relevant skills and experience for the position.

What are your long-term goals?

Highlight your long-term personal and career goals. Link your goals to the position at the organization and make the recruiter see how you will be able to grow with the company.

How do you keep up your motivation?

Janitorial duties involve a lot of repeated actions. The interviewer will be interested in how well you can keep up your motivation. Share specific details and tips you’ve applied in similar positions. If you have professional janitor experience, share details about the tips and tricks you’ve applied for maximum efficiency.

Having highlighted the top questions you will get asked at a janitor interview, let’s highlight the essential skills that janitors need.

Administrative skills: priority, inventory, ordering supplies, record keeping, and permits.

Advance: plumbing, carpentry, welding, painting, and masonry.

Basic cleaning skills: cleaning, safety, chemical use, scrubbing, mopping, washing floors, and washing windows.

Repair and maintenance: Refurbishing, building repair, ground maintenance, tools, and mechanical aptitude.

People skills: Supervising, communication, interpersonal skills, teamwork, and following instructions.


With this, we have covered all the details you need on how to ace janitor interviews. Once you feel confident click here to find available janitorial jobs with Protech Staffing.

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