Picker and Packer Overview

picker and packer overview protech staffing services inc

Picker and packers, otherwise called pick packers are an important part of the retail, wholesale, logistics, and manufacturing industries. They work in these industries and are particularly needed in distribution centers and manufacturing warehouses.

The picking aspect of the job involves picking items according to the order form or picking slip. The packing aspect of the job involves preparing the items for transportation and packing them.

Job Description of a Picker and Packer

  • Receiving stock and preparing goods for dispatch
  • Unloading and loading trucks
  • Carrying out general warehouse duties, which include administration, machine operation, and cleaning
  • Ensuring workplace safety by complying with occupational health and safety guidelines

General Requirements For Pickers and Packers

Picker and packers are critical to successful operations in distribution centers and warehouses. Thus, specific requirements apply to the role. Physical fitness is an essential requirement for the role.

Persons that apply for and work in picker and packer roles should have good stamina and be able to stand for long periods. They should also be well adapted to working in fast-paced environments. Strong work ethics are also a general requirement for this role. Picker and packers should be reliable and punctual.

Formal education is not a general requirement for the position. On-the-job training is commonly provided. Experience in similar roles is usually highly desired because of transferrable skills such as how to operate a forklift.

Employers look out for skills such as punctuality, numeracy, self-motivation, RF scanning, ability to work in a fast-paced environment, and voice picking. They may also ask for drivers’ and forklift licenses.

The position could be available on a casual or part-time basis, and the employees may be required to work during the weekend. Similar roles to picker and packers are process workers, and production workers. The position has received good ratings in aspects such as work-life balance, job security, career progression opportunities, variety of work, and pay/salary.

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