How to Create a Winning Cleaning Professional Resume

The quality of resumes plays a significant role in getting a job. This applies to cleaning jobs, as well as all other types of jobs. When you plan to get a job, you should send in a winning resume.

This article covers essential tips for creating a winning resume for professional cleaning jobs. We also share important information for getting the job in general and some general information about cleaning jobs and careers.

General information about professional cleaning jobs and careers

Cleaning professionals earn a national average of $42,863, with a range of $36,480 to $53,750 annually. The skills required for the job/career include laundry, crew maintenance, painting, plastering, and disinfection practices.

Tips for creating a winning resume for professional cleaning jobs

  • Include essential skills

Apart from any skills you may already have, thoroughness and dependability are two skills employers desire for this field of work. Always highlight your dependability and thoroughness fully.

You should also highlight your physical stamina to show that you are the right person for the job and can keep up with the demands of the role. Also, remember to highlight your skills and experience with action words.

  • Experience over formal education

For professional cleaning jobs, experience matters more to the employer than formal education. That means it’s okay for you to leave out your high school diploma and focus more on your experience instead.

We should also mention that you can get a professional cleaning job without experience in the field. Make sure to highlight the skills relating to cleaning jobs.

  • Keep your resume short

Your resume shouldn’t be longer than two pages. Even with this length, it’s important to include all the relatable details.

Also, keep your resume reader-friendly by using bullet points to keep the details readable and in a standard format for highlighting your experience.

Tips for getting professional cleaning jobs

  • Network

Networking improves your chances of obtaining any possible new job. Networking can be in the form of joining groups, online boards, and job-hunter organizations.

  • Optimize an online presence

Optimize your online presence by following industry blogs and websites as well as leaving comments when necessary. You should also maximize your LinkedIn by highlighting your skills,  any relatable experiences, and recommendations you’ve received.

  • Get short-term jobs

Short-term jobs could boost your chances of getting a professional cleaning job. You’ll gain experience that you can highlight in your resume and make money too.

We have now equipped you with the details you need to write a winning resume and get cleaning jobs in general.


If you or anyone you know is on the hunt for a professional cleaning position, give our office a call to see what positions we have available in this field.

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