Becoming a Janitor

Janitors work in different industries and sectors. The work description and required skills and experience are similar across the sectors and industries. Prospective hires are required to be suited to the basic nature of their jobs, with little to no educational requirement. Specialized trainings may be provided.

The work of a janitor involves a lot of repetitive activities. Janitors have to clean an assigned area routinely, and the work could easily feel monotonous. Having to do such monotonous work can be a struggle and cause janitors to lose the motivation to do their work. Hiring managers thus look out for indications of an ability to maintain motivation when hiring janitors.

Janitors are required to know about cleaning products and equipment. The knowledge of basic cleaning products of potential hires is typically assessed. Employers may also need to confirm whether potential hires know how to use the specialized machinery that they may require. The willingness of prospective hires to learn about new machinery is also assessed.

Equipment used by janitors require regular cleaning, which the janitor is expected to carry out. This is why they are required to know about the tool kits of their equipment. They should show willingness to carry out the basic cleaning processes regularly during their interviews. Prospective hires could be asked to describe basic cleaning processes.

As janitors go about their duties, they may need to carry out basic maintenance of the tools they use. Such maintenance activities will be guided by company policies. Thus, the ability and willingness of janitors to follow established protocols on the maintenance of tools and machinery is of particular interest of the employer. Employers are particularly interested in whether the janitor will follow established protocols when they discover an issue or potential issue. Typically, the communication skills of the janitor are an indication of their ability to follow through maintenance protocols.

The communication skills of janitors also play a major role when they need to clean occupied spaces. Although they routinely clean unoccupied spaces, cleaning occupied spaces is part of a lot of janitorial work descriptions. Janitors should be able to work with people in an area. They should also have a clear strategy for clearing foot traffic in occupied area. The communication skills of janitors are thus a major focus for employers and hiring managers.

Since janitors work in all industries and sectors, openings are frequently advertised.

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